Mutant Year: CW (or I *Heart* the Apocalypse)

Episode 4: Water, Water Everywhere

Confronting the figure that was on the beach, the encounter quickly turned deadly as the loner attacked the expedition, muttering 'Get Out' as he attacked.  He displayed a mutant ability with an elongated arm but was quickly killed.  Riddle found clean, pure water on his body after setting him on fire.

Dex scouted ahead and found a massive complex of concrete and metal and what appeared to be tanks and tanks of water.  In one area, he noticed what seemed like an altercation with figures moving in the dark and engaged in a fire fight.  He returned to the team, explained what he saw and a smaller group of Dex, Roz and Python began to investigate.

Shots from the area rang out, narrowly missing Roz.  The group panicked, with Python and Roz heading down the hill to the facility and Dex went back to the larger group.  Python and Roz noticed bodies everywhere, some in strange dirty jumpsuits and others in cobbled together attire, much like the clothes worn by she and her friends.  They entered the first building they could find and encountered more of the same.   Tasty determined this was once a place where they turned bad water into good, pure water.  This could be an oasis if the expedition could somehow either harnass the technology or oust the people living here.

Dex managed to get the others to come down the hill and shots again rang out with Redt panicking and falling down the hill.  Eventually the group got together and realized the shots were coming from a room above them.  Roz noticed that a larger group outside were forming, brandishing torches and small weapons, hoisting some kind of leader above them, all chanting 'Get Out.'

The group pushed deeper into the facility in hopes of striking a deal with one of the two factions they had encountered.  Both, however, seemed violent.  Pushing towards the top of the building, they encountered survivors from the expedition, Nelmo, Grit and a slave, Lambda.  A violent altercation broke out, leading to the deaths of Nelmo and Grit and the team capturing Lambda.  But then the owners of the facility arrived.

Encountered Lutrell and his followers who demanded the group to leave.  They had to leave their weapons but could take as much clean water as possible.  The Ark dwellers considered attacking as they did not want to give up their weapons.  But Roz came up with a better deal.  The Water Treatment Plant denizens struck a deal to take care of a pair of problems Lutrell had – kill the Trash Hawk that nested nearby and kill the Deep Worm that his people worshipped.

The team dispatched both of these creatures but discovered that Raid, one of the Underdwellers had followed them (for some unknown reason) and been captured by Lutrell's followers.  They demanded payment for his release or he would be killed.  Roz brokered the deal.

After killing the Trash Hawk, they climbed the post to the creature's next and discovered an interesting set of papers that was written in old enough code that Tasty could not decipher it.  The Ark would have to advance further in their culture for him to understand more. 

With that, they were off to Man-Hat-An to search for more clues, including the Fallen Lady.


Hasturmind Hasturmind

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