Mutant Year: CW (or I *Heart* the Apocalypse)

Episode 5: Give Me Your Tired . . .

The explorers left the island with the strange water cultists and Raid went his own way, back to his people.

Arriving at the Fallen Lady through the muck and drudge, the explorers found some remnants of a civilization and broken parts of flying vehicles used by the Ancient Ones.  There were strange symbols which may have been the religious or political symbols used by the Ancients, adoring the walls, gear and the destroyed vehicles.  Riddle did her best to understand this equipment but could merely determine the basic purpose.

The moaning and cries for help the group heard from the side of the island ended up belonging to a horrific creature – a Tyrant Siren, a grotesque creature with multiple heads that could mimic voices.  The fight was fast and the explorers were lucky.  Some well placed shots took the creature down much faster than they anticipated, which was fortunate, as the creature was extremely dangerous.  Python added the most to the fight, bashing it with chains but, in the processes, suffering a surge of power, increasing his mutant abilities.

Upon destroying the horror, they returned to the Fallen Lady, discovering there were doors that led inside, adorned with the same strange symbol on some of the equipment.  Riddle discovered some kind of device that was powered, like an electronic lock.  This gained access.  They found an area that had items such as clothes, hats, jackets and other small statues that resembled the Fallen Lady.  They found a room with equipment and maps, one map in particular was curious as it was a map of the whole area with certain locations marked, including the Ark they belonged to.  Dex found a curious item that he had never seen before.  It was some kind of hand held device that had buttons but no obvious value.  Lambda suggested it may have been some kind of entertainment device.  Riddle stated it needed more power before it could be used.  On the way out into the hallway they again checked the little room with all the items, gathering as many as they could to take back to turn in to the Dawn Vault Committee as well as sell others.  Roz found a card that had an ancient map of the area, before everything was destroyed. 

Riddle found a power source and turned it on, which put lights inside but a recorded voice boomed out across the land, 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddles masses . . .'  This, combined with the light that came from her torch was a beacon for every dangerous individual in the land.  They had very little time before they needed to get out and head back to the Ark.

They did check the upper floor of the Fallen Lady and found a passage through her arm but it had been detonated and destroyed, preventing access.  They decided that they should come back another time when it was safer.  They left, locked the building up and moved along on their rafts, using Dex's knowledge of the area to get them back to the Ark, safely.

The Ark was not in the dire straights they had intended.  There had been some deaths but tat was to be expected.  The food reserves were decent but they had been minor pockets of violence, some of which over the Children of Eden deciding to change the statue of Nix into a statue of Hue.  But a new idea was forming – perhaps make the statue that of the Fallen Lady.

The group put themselves to work on some of the projects and introduced Lambda, hiding her background as a slave.  They met with Vyolet to explain there could be trading partners in the wasteland and explained that the people at the Water Treatment Facility were dangerous but they had access to infinite clean water.  Perhaps they could ally with Lambda's people, The Authority, and overthrow the strange cultists at the Water Treatment Facility.  They could rule jointly.  Syren would be an excellent choice as their governor if they were successful.  She knew water and it would get her out of Riddle's life.

They mentioned not a word to anyone about the Underdwellers.

They turned some of the valuables over to the Dawn Vault Committee, sold some secretly and gave some to friends.  When Roz gave her gifts to Garrick, he again mentioned wanting to leave the Ark for somewhere more stable.

It was at that point that Ender sounded an alarm.  It seemed that The Fallen were returning, and with more muscle, and were likely going to want payment.  Vyolet asked the team what to do as she needed their advice.  Eventually they decided to negotiate with the The Fallen and then try to form an alliance with The Authority to fight them off.  But fighting was not today. 

Roz negotiated and when she tried to push it with her mutant abilities, she, too, felt a surge and gained a new ability, further eroding her humanity.  But the deal was struck.  The Fallen would provide 'protection' in return for food and water – food and water the Ark could provide but would leave them hungry.

The Fallen, under Rave, left with food and the resulting loss of nutrition did leave the Ark depealeted resulting in more deaths. Unfortunately a casualty was Syren, their choice for a governor of the Water Treatment Facility.


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